Programme Flow

Briefing Session

25 July, 1100 - 1330

Opening Address | Introduction to Hacking Framework | Release of Problem Statements

Group into Teams

Participants will be assigned into groups of 5 - 8 people.

Problem Statement

There will be a basket of problem statements to select from.

Preparation of Hackathon

25 July to 7 Aug

Working on Problem Statement


Groups will have a few days to dissect the problem statement and seek guidance from mentor.



Day 1 of Hackathon

7 Aug, 0900 - 1700

Opening of iVents Platform | Mentor Feedback Session | Preliminary Judging | Announcement of Finalists

Root Cause Analysis

Groups will have to present their root cause analysis (RCA) on day 1 to proceed on to day 2.



Day 2 of Hackathon

8 Aug, 1400 - 1700

Final Presentation Round | Networking Session | Announcement of Winners and Prize Presentation

Presentation of Solution

Finalists will have to pitch their solutions to a panel of judges.



A networking event with mentors and steering committee members will be organised on day 2.

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