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B!HH'21 Champion

Prize: Design Thinking Workshops + 3 Month Incubation (worth ~$25,000)

Criteria: 1 Team chosen by Singapore Biodesign

Sponsored by: Singapore Biodesign

judges' pick

Prize: Commercialization Mentorship 

(worth ~$8,000 each)

Criteria: Top 3 teams by Judges' scores

Sponsored by: MedTech Actuator

Most innovative

Prize: Invention to Innovation Coaching

Criteria: 1 Team chosen by N.1 Institute for Health

Sponsored by: N.1 Institute for Health

audience's pick

Prize: Catalyst Membership including Workshops 

(worth ~$2,000 each)

Criteria: Top 3 Teams by Audience's Votes

Sponsored by: CATALYST

B!HH'21 finalists

Prize: Accelerated ETP Incubation Interviews

Criteria: All B!HH Finalists (12 teams)

Sponsored by: NUS Enterprise

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