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Essentials of Data Gathering and Needs Assessment

Essentials of Data Gathering and Needs Assessment


21 June 2021 at 12:00:00 pm

about the event

The first step to any successful solution is to identify the right needs. It is impossible to truly understand the needs of the patients without being on the ground and collect the first hand data from whom the solutions are intended for. However, primary research and data collection can be tricky. Where to go to conduct interviews? What kind of questions should we ask to obtain the information you need? And what are some ethical considerations we must keep in mind?

This workshop conducted by Dr. Scott, a Stanford Biodesign Fellow, will prepare you with the essentials of patient data gathering and generating a robust needs assessment process. Participants will gain takeaways in assessing patient needs, serving as a solid foundation for solution ideation to address the root cause of various pain points.

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