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Founder's Club

15 Jun - 14 Jul 2021

Learn more about how to become a successful entrepreneur from our exciting lineup of 5 founders from local start-ups!

Essentials of Data Gathering and Needs Assessment

21 Jun 2021

Learn the essentials of gathering patient data and generating a robust patient-needs assessment!

Disease KOL AMAs

28 Jun - 2 Jul 2021

Find out more about the different disease tracks through our Ask-Me-Anything Sessions with key opinion leaders from each track!

Tech Modality Workshops

5 Jul - 10 Jul 2021

Find out how existing modalities are applied to address unmet patient needs, and how you can leverage on their various strengths and opportunities to generate an all encompassing solution!

Pitching and Presentation Workshop

19 Jul 2021

Learn essential skills to effectively communicate ideas and present them in a meaningful manner to your audience!

Discussion Panels

21 Jul & 26 Jul 2021

Interested in the future of HealthTech and data privacy? Join us for an engaging discussion with our panel of HealthTech pioneers and innovators!

Fireside Chats

22 Jul & 27 Jul 2021

Join us in a discussion about various topics such as "How to get your first seed funding", Ikigai and Career Passion in Healthcare!

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