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Registration Steps: 


Follow these simple steps to complete your 'Beyond! Health Hack' registration: 

  1. Fill in the registration form 

Please attach the Contact Person Confirmation Letter (CPCL) obtained from your respective society to verify your membership status. If you are signing-up in groups of 2-3, please ensure the CPCLs of all members are attached.

   2. You will receive the letter of acknowledgement

  • Upon receiving your application, the Health Hack Registration Team will send a letter of acknowledgement within 7 working days.

   3. You will receive the result of your 'Beyond! Health Hack' application via email

  • Participants will receive the result of application by 24 July (Friday) 


   4. You are officially part of 'Beyond! Health Hack'


If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact us via this email (

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Are you ready for the BEST EVENT in 2020? #beyondhealthhack2020


Beyond! Health Hack Social Media Pages:


Facebook: IPSF APPS 2020 (

Instagram : @beyondhealthhack


See you online in August!

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